How Arborist Treat Sick Trees in 2018

When you have a sick tree, and you contact an arborist, they are going to use a wide variety of methods to treat them. They will have herbicides, pesticides, and a variety of treatment options that will help the trees get better. Sick trees do not necessarily mean that they are going to die. They can simply be deficient in certain nutrients, or lack water. You can provide these nutrients in the soil, and this can help boost their immune system. However, it is better to use a local arborist. This overview of what they will typically do will show you why it might be in your best interest to contact one.

What Do They Do First?

The first thing they will do is come out to your property and examine the situation. They will look at the leaves of your trees, and also check the condition of the bark. They will look for dead tops which is a clear sign that something is wrong. If there is bark peeling off, or any other problem related to the condition of the tree, they will be able to diagnose what the problem is. They can then provide the necessary treatments and nutrients for the trees which will likely take a few weeks to see any results.

What Other Services Can An Arborist Provide?

An arborist is able to provide several different types of treatments. For example, they are able to do pruning, planting, and transplanting. They are also good at monitoring trees over an extended period of time. If a tree needs to be removed, or if disease the branches need to be cut off, these are the professionals that you will want to call for the services. There are so many different diseases that they can treat trees for. It could be anything from bacterial leaf scorch, spread by spittle bugs, or it could simply be mold that is spreading through spores. Either way, they will know what it is, and how to treat the problem.

Sick trees are things that must be dealt with right away. If you don’t, you could end up with dead ones. Some of the diseases can be fast acting, compromising the health of a tree in a matter of weeks, and without proper treatment, you could end up losing some or all of them. It does not matter if you have evergreen trees or deciduous ones. There are so many different diseases that can lead to these problems. That’s why contacting a trained arborist that has a good reputation in your city will be the first step toward finding a cure for all of them.

This overview of how an arborist will be able to help you with sick trees should explain why contacting one is a good idea. By the end of the month, your trees should be looking much better than they are right now, especially if they were facing a certain type of disease. They will know exactly what to do, providing them with nutrients in fertilizer that can resolve the problem. They will also bring pesticides and herbicides that can be useful. Contact a local arborist to learn how they can help you, and set your appointment today.